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cmusic_uploads's Journal

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chinese music


CMUSIC_UPLOADS is a community where the members can share their Chinese music. Be it Mandarin or Cantonese, be from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Mainland China, there are no restrictions as long as it's Chinese. This community is members-only, you'll have to join in order to see the entries. But before joining read our rules below and comply with them. Even if it's a long text, I encourage each and everyone to read it carefully.


01 You can share single songs, full albums or singles, as well as music videos and live performances. This community is not supposed for sharing of scans, screencaps or Chinese music discussions in general.

02 Don't forget that all uploads shared by the members are for sample purposes only. Support the artists by purchasing their releases. If you don't know where to buy check our link collection in the sidebar.

03 Very important: tag your entries! We aim a clean and well-organized community, making it easy for people to browse around and find what they are looking for. Also read our section about tagging.

04 Place large images (max. 300x300 pixel) and long posts under a cut. Keep in mind there are still users with low-speed connections.

05 You are allowed to make requests. Please label your posts as [REQUEST] or [REQ]. There's a higher possibility that someone can help you when you provide both, Kanji and romanization of song and artist. It's always a plus to give something in return (=bribes).

06 Advertising is allowed as long as it's a community/journal related to Asian entertainment (music, movies, dramas, fan communities). Just don't exaggerate. ;)


Help us keep this community neat by correctly tagging your entries. Here's a small guideline on how to do so.

01 Artist tags are mandatory. For people's convenience we use the artist's English names only, no Chinese characters.

02 Optionally, you can add *album, *single, *song, *mv and *performance-tags to your posts.

03 For request posts add the !request-tag. In this case artist tags are optional.

04 The !mod post-tag is -what a surprise- for posts made by community mods only.

05 For advertising posts use the !advertising-tag.

06 There's an artist tag missing? Request it here.

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